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What is a web app?

A Web app is an online software. That is accessible from browsers such as Google, Safari, Firefox, etc. This means it is available everywhere there is internet connection.

Web apps’ ancestor was a 2000s software sold on CD and installed on PC data storage. This is an obsolete technology; nowadays the device is no longer a limit.

If developed to adapt to operating systems such as Android and iOS, the web app is available also on smartphones and tablets through the associated mobile app. Whatsapp, for example, was born as a mobile app but then a browser web app was integrated to it.

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What is a business web app for?

A company can use a web app as an online management software, regardless of the economic sector. Any company can make use of a web app to organize, to standardize or to automate different activities.

Following some example of web app applications in business functions:

  • In marketing, they can be used to manage promotional activities and to send personalized messages to customers.
  • In sales, they can be used to develop an e-commerce platform for selling products and services.
  • In business management, they can be used to easily organize activities, to keep track of the on-going operation of projects and to assess efficiency performances.
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  • In logistics, web apps can help to implement a software to manage a warehouse.
  • In business administration, they can be used to simplify activities like invoicing and to develop accounting software.
  • In manufacture, they can be used to standardize processes and simplify machinery performance assessments.

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What are its features?

Centralized updates guarantees high performance levels


Code easily adaptable to a linked native mobile app


Easy integration with other online services such as social networks and email providers


No extra cost for user license in addition to the web app development


Less possibilities to use the software illegally


Running online 24 hours


It is crossplatform


Any idea about a web app tailored to your company yet?