Augmented reality

A business app like no others.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that, thanks to a number of different technologies, allows to project digital content into the real-world environment through a visor.

Also known as AR, the most basic version of Augmented Reality uses smartphone cameras: the screen shows the scene recorded in real time, while the AR app will be adding digital elements to it. Exactly like Messenger does when it attaches real time shapes and colors on your face.

The more complex version of AR uses specifically designed glasses to project the images directly into your retina eyes.

Mojo: Dreamonkey company is developing  augmented reality in Emilia Romagna

What are the possible augmented reality applications for companies?

AR can be used for three environments application:

  • It allows you to show a fictitious object that you can interact with, in a specific environment. It is possible, for example, to project specific furniture in a room or, in automotive industry, skilled workers can consult targeted handbooks. AR can also improve the user experience, for example, in relation to food production, you can experience a real typical food preparation.
  • It allows you to see existing but invisible objects like, for example, underground hydro-pipes or gas pipes.
  • It allows you to modify objects in real time. For example, 3D objects projected in the real-world environment.

Having more than two eyes speeds up your Potassio achievement.

What are its features?

In combination with glasses, it is suited for jobs that requires free hands.


In combination with glasses, content reserved and discreet while using.


Immersive UX compared to classic devices


In combination with glasses, full awareness of surrounding environment.


Fast info consulting while looking at a targeted object of interest.


Potentially updatable


Many application fields


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